FACT: That Women Make Most of the Financial Decisions in Their Lives.

The big rise in new network marketing companies is a reflection but it’s also the fact that women make most of the financial decisions in their lives. Women also like having choices and lots of choices. They want products and services that fit their face-paced and hectic lives. With the increase of so many new products and services in the network marketing industry it is a direct response to what these women want to buy. With Woman’s Network Marketing, women can make their own choices as well as make extra money..

As a result, companies now see network marketing sales as a valuable way to offer their services and products, increasing more retail companies to start using network marketing sales to reach new markets. An added benefit is that more women and particularly young women have been attracted to network marketing, bringing new opportunities and growth to the industry. Woman’s Network Marketing is giving woman a lot of benefits.

The success of Woman’s Network Marketing depends on sales and customers equal sales. In the past, many successful network marketers trained their down lines to focus on recruiting more marketers and not retail sales, which created a lot of bad criticism for the industry. Women have generally rejected this system. They focus more on their customers and boosting their sales. Women have found that recruiting from their customer base is much more positive and stable. It also is a way of bringing more people into their business.

Woman’s Network Marketing gives women the freedom they want to make as much money as they want as well as make them feel very independent and powerful. Network Marketing is not just a business to the women that work in this field; it also becomes a way of life. When a woman feels like she is powerful and worthy she will put all her time and effort into keeping it that way..
Let’s look at these stats for Women and Business.

1) 1 in 5 businesses that earn over $1 million in revenue are owned by women – I could almost bet that 1 in 5 businesses are not women owned so this could show just how well women are doing in their business ventures.

2) It’s estimated at 10.1 million business have an ownership that is 50% or more women – Wow that is awesome, not much more I can say about that!

3) Women owned business employs more than 13 million people and is thought to generate over $1.9 trillion in sales – A staggering amount of people owe their jobs to women business owners and that is a serious addition to the economy.

Above 3 stats source: Center for Women’s Business Research.

When most women set their mind to do something there is nobody going to stand in their way. Women tend to think outside the box when it comes to making money and earning respect. With women in today’s society being able to provide for their family, it makes them feel a lot better about themselves. Most women that are in network marketing still have a regular job but it gives them the option to make extra cash to accomplish the dreams they have in a shorter amount of time. This is why women are getting into Women’s Network Marketing.

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The testimonial…one of the most persuasive tools that you can use!

The testimonial is one of the most persuasive tools that you can use when writing copy. Testimonials are reviews written by people who have purchased your product or have used your service. The testimonial is feedback of what the individual thought about your problem. This information can be shared with others. Testimonials are beneficial for potential customers as well as providers. Testimonials can help customers figure out that a company offers good quality products. Testimonials can help the company insure the customer that their products are worth buying which can result in sales. Therefore, customers and businesses and companies should all take advantage of testimonials in different ways.

Testimonials are extremely important and can be used as a persuasive selling tool. Testimonials can be used to convert potential customers into real customers by assuring them that you are providing good quality products and services by word of mouth from actual customers that have experienced your products and services first hand.

Potential clients and customers will read the testimonials and discover that individuals with the same needs as them were completely satisfied by the service or product therefore they will believe that the service or product will satisfy them as well. This is kind of like using another individual as a guinea pig to determine whether or not the product or service is worth the money. New customers will be much more comfortable purchasing from your company because they know they are one of many customers instead of taking risks on their own. This can easily make customers feel more trusting and comfortable. It also makes them more willing to purchase products or services from you.

Testimonials in which the customers are hesitant at first and your product or service overcame their hesitancy tend to be more effective. This is true because most of the time all first time customers are hesitant when doing business with a company for the first time. Therefore, a testimonial in which a customer is hesitant puts them in their shoes and helps them overcome the fear of doing business with a company for their first time. This information can eventually lead to a sale.

Testimonials are also extremely good for providers. Testimonials will help turn potential customers into actual customers which is a good thing but the feedback is also important in itself. This feedback gives the customers the opportunity to be responsive but it also shows customers that you are responsive as well. This is good because happy customers will be customers again and again and they will also tell their friends about you. The customer will be able to leave honest feedback that will eventually get back to other customers. So as long as you are selling quality products or services then you can rest assured that this feedback will help increase your sales. The customers will also respect the fact that you are accepting their input into your products and services.

You can use testimonials to build and develop your service or product image. As a service provider, you know what quality and value you are bringing to the clients and customers. However, the testimonials will allow you to figure out what value you are actually delivering to your customers.

The testimonials will also help you show your potential customers what quality and value that you deliver to your customers. This is extremely important to insure that you’ll end up getting the sale at the end of the day. This will give you the opportunity to build on your strengths while spending money and time developing the areas that need more work.

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The Power of Thirteen

The Power of Thirteen

Have you ever noticed the seat numbers on an airplane? I’m flying home from a conference, too tired to “work” on the flight, just sitting back, relaxing, observing my surroundings. Suddenly I notice there’s no seat row thirteen. Wait, let me check that again – 10, 11, 12, 14 … No, there’s definitely no row thirteen. Are you kidding me?! Either the engineers at Boeing can’t count or this is superstition at work. Could that silly childhood notion that something as intangible as a number has the power to screw up our day really be the reason an entire airline, possibly the entire airline industry mislabels their seats? Perhaps they’re afraid that if those in row “14” knew they were really sitting in row 13, some inescapable force of the supernatural realm would suddenly find it necessary to blot out everyone on the aircraft in a freak accident. I’m sure that’s what caused most of the major aircraft failures in history. In fact, I think I heard that when making their first attempts at human flight the Wright Brothers actually skipped attempt number thirteen and went straight to fourteen for fear of sabotaging the entire project.

Think of the power we as a human race have given little number thirteen. And broken mirrors, spilled salt, picking up a penny with the wrong side up…. Personally I can’t think of a single bad thing that has ever happened to me as a result of opening my umbrella inside. And I’m pretty sure my black cat Louie crossed my path several times a day for years and I’ve never even gotten hit by a car or fallen down a sink hole. But somehow we just keep passing on these superstitions – just in case. All those who have come before us believed this stuff, so I guess we should too. Really?

This way of thinking isn’t rational or logical. There’s no proof my best friend met her husband because she found a four leaf clover. There’s no evidence to support my grandmother’s obsession that rubbing her toy trolls before a BINGO game resulted in her winning the jackpot. Yet millions of us each day consult our “lucky numbers” or wear our “lucky tie.”

So why, if we are willing to so blindly “believe” such nonsensical ideas as superstitions, do we seem to collectively shy away from believing there might just be some truth to some of the “conspiracy” theories we hear about today? I’m not talking about aliens at Roswell. I’m talking about the real, important things that affect our everyday lives, such as how things really get decided in our government, how our monetary system works and who’s behind it, what more there might be to the events of 9/11. So many of us accept wholesale the things we’re taught, the stories we’re fed by the media every day, the beliefs of our friends and predecessors. Do we, like the most successful, forward-thinking people, stop to question these things if the truth we might discover is difficult to bare? Or do we just chalk the contrarian views up to “crackpots” and continue following the herd mentality because it’s more comfortable? Do we dismiss these challenging theories, criticizing them without even knowing what they propose?

I challenge you today to ask yourself these questions and answer them frankly. Then choose a subject you’ve been “poo-pooing” and actually find out about it. Read The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin and learn the facts about our Federal Reserve System. Or read architect Richard Gage’s findings on the collapse of the three World Trade Center buildings on 9/11/2001. What’s the worst thing that could happen to you if you do this? My guess is you might get a bit uncomfortable and have many new questions. You might even see that there’s real evidence behind many of the “conspiracy” theories out there. At the very least you’ll be well-informed about what these theorists say next time the subject comes up at a cocktail party. Go ahead, try this. If it makes you nervous, wait until your Magic 8 Ball says “Yes.” Then rub your lucky rabbit’s foot and go for it. Just don’t do it on Friday the Thirteenth – that is, unless you’re ready to think for yourself and get real.

Ok, great! You’re shifting your mindset, becoming more positive, following successful people, and exploring the truth. Many of you have been watching me as I’ve overcome obstacles and created a new life and you ask me what it is that I’m doing? How did I become so enthusiastic, energetic, peaceful? And most importantly, how can you be this way too? It’s very simple: we’re in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Yes, you read that right. We’re in traumatic financial turmoil and I’m doing the happy dance. A 50 Trillion dollar transfer of wealth, the largest in history, is taking place under
our noses; the middle class is disappearing. What will be left is a struggling and suffering lower class and more billionaires than ever before. I know where I want to be at the end of all this, and I now know exactly how to take advantage of the current economic situation to make sure I make money now, keep it, and grow it for the future.

You can do it too! In fact, you should do it too! Don’t you and the people you care about deserve a legacy of prosperity? Don’t get caught with your head in the sand, believing your savings, 401k and social security will be there for you when you retire. Don’t be fooled by media reports sugar coating our financial crisis. Find out for yourself what’s really going on. Take charge of your finances and your future.

Click Here to watch The Conspiracy Against Your Money DVD. It will be the best 40 minutes and $9.95 you’ve ever spent on yourself and your family. And it will change your life forever.

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What Are Your Stumbling Blocks to Success?

Ok, so I decided to be an entrepreneur. No big deal; every kid who’s ever had a lemonade stand is an entrepreneur. So why was I suddenly so overwhelmed by the thought of being in charge of my own money making enterprise? Why was I dragging my feet? What are these stumbling blocks that keep popping up, keeping me from being successful?

There’s nothing more humbling than taking stock of your self. You know, that deep, honest introspection we all try to avoid but that’s so necessary if we want to move ahead. I knew the only way to figure out what was standing in my way was to take a good hard look at my habits and thought processes and figure out what wasn’t working. I ended up outside on my front porch – my “best thinking spot” – with a beautiful view, my dog, a cup of coffee for inspiration …..

NOTHING. Well, nothing but the realization that my “best thinking” was one of the things that wasn’t working. And my “best thinking spot” was waaaaaay too comfortable. Trying to think outside of my box while cozying up inside of it was like trying to hang out at Krispie Kreme and stick to a new diet!

I needed help. Support. Brutal honesty. I called my best friends, the ones who want the best for me but never hesitate to laugh at me when I step in dog poop. They say you should be careful what you ask for because you might actually get it. Well, I got it…

Perfectionism: I’m a perfectionist and I drive everyone crazy, most of all myself. I’m suffering from “analysis paralysis,” believing I have to know every detail, dot every I and cross every T before I start. So I just keep spinning my wheels, which is actually a form of procrastination. “But I thought procrastinators were just the lazy ones! I work all the time,” I argued. Yes, but you need to work smarter, not harder they told me. Stop spending all your time “getting ready to start” and JUST START!

Fear of success: I’m afraid of success? What?! Apparently I’m afraid of the unknown changes and responsibilities that will ultimately accompany my success. Of course it’s going to be wonderful and fulfilling, but what about the parts that will be different and even overwhelming at times? Will I be able to handle it? And will I be able to maintain my success once I’ve achieved it? Hmmmmm. I could feel myself being stretched.

Fear of failure: Isn’t everyone afraid of failure? Ok, now that’s a big one. What if I don’t achieve what I’ve told everyone I’m going to do? What if I don’t accomplish as much as other entrepreneurs who have gone before me? What if I don’t become one of the “top earners” everyone looks up to? “These are all valid and totally normal concerns,” I reasoned. True, my friends went on, but will you use them as motivators or captivators? Will you rise to the challenge or succumb to excuses? Ditch the worry about what other people think of you; that’s none of your business. Then they proceeded to “triple dog dare” me get out there and make it happen.

Biting off more than you can chew at once: My goals are too lofty. “Wait a minute!” I started getting defensive. “How am I ever going to be a success without big goals?” I was sure they were way off-base on this point. And besides, where were their goals? But I bit my tongue and kept listening. It seems I get overwhelmed with the size of my project, which causes discouragement and more procrastination. I need to set little goals, daily, weekly, monthly goals and celebrate when I achieve them. Give myself little pats on the back along the way. So they were right again. After all, if you’re going to eat an elephant you have to do it one bite at a time.

Trying to be a “one man show:” I need a running partner, someone to encourage me as well as to hold me accountable, and a mentor, someone who knows the ropes and is willing to share insights with me. Actually I had already thought of this one. Sure, this is my business and its success is ultimately my responsibility. But there’s nothing more motivating than having to “report” your progress, and no one more motivating than someone who is already at the top of the rock face cheering you on in your climb. I must take advantage of the experience and expertise of this network of industry leaders I’m building. And I must also network with others like me who are working daily to build their own online businesses.

Selling your self short: In my mind I have put my leaders and mentors on pedestals. Not that they don’t deserve to be there, because they’re the ones who have overcome their stumbling blocks, worked their butts off, figured it all out, built amazing lives for themselves. In a sense I idolize these people. Surely they must have something I don’t have, some innate talent or secret formula for success that I don’t possess. “I’m just starting out; what value could I possibly have?” I mused. That’s when I was reminded that my leaders and mentors are no different than I am; they just weren’t afraid to step out, take risks, and take action. Sure they experienced setbacks along the way. But they learned from them and kept going. And that’s all I have to do too.

And that’s how I was humbled and motivated at the same time. Once I was able to see my stumbling blocks more clearly I realized they were really not that big and frightening after all. They were mostly roadblocks I was setting up for myself, things I could in fact control and overcome. Yes, there were some hurdles I couldn’t remove with a simple change of mindset, like my small budget and the need to outsource some of my set up. But those are a topic for another article. For now suffice it to say that the scary monsters we often see in the night really do usually turn out to be “just shadows,” and once we know this we can close our eyes and sleep peacefully.

Today I challenge you to take stock of your own stumbling blocks to success. What’s holding you back from achieving your goals and living your dreams? Even if you’re not an entrepreneur, some of these same stumbling blocks could be standing in the way of your progress, success and ultimately your happiness. If you are an entrepreneur or thinking about becoming one, take my word for it: get over these self-inflicted hindrances and get going!!

Join my blog and follow me as I share what I’ve learned from my amazing network of industry leaders and self-made millionaires. Their mindset works! In my upcoming articles you’ll find out what that mindset is, how you can tap into its power, and how you, too, can experience more in life than you ever thought possible. It’s time for you to get going. I triple dog dare ya!

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Hello world!

So there I was, forty years old and still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Looking in the mirror, examining the new “wisdom wrinkle” on my forehead, I mused, “I’m an intelligent woman with a college degree, surely I should know by now! What’s holding me back?”

Thus began my quest for answers, beginning with a good dose of reality: Where am I and how did I get here? After leaving a very successful career in sales and training for Capezio Ballet Makers, Inc, a major dancewear company, I’ve spent the past thirteen years in the toughest job on the planet: full time Mom. As any mom will attest, it’s also the most thankless, least glamorous job on the planet. But to me it has been the most rewarding and I wouldn’t trade my years at home with my kids for any career in the world. It’s just that the mom job doesn’t stay full time forever. And you can’t pay the bills with hugs, kisses and an endless supply of refrigerator art.

I realized it was time to re-enter the working world. But while I was busy being a cook, maid, teacher, chauffeur, nurse, referee of sibling squabbles, nutritionist, provider of sage advice, slayer of midnight dragons, coach, party planner, comforter of boo boos and finder of missing toys, etc., etc., the rest of the world was hurtling rapidly into cyberspace. And while I was diligently working to help my youngsters figure out what they want to be when they grow up, I slowly set aside my own aspirations. And I got very spoiled.

The last thing a well educated, forty year old, formerly very successful career woman who’s been “the boss” at home for thirteen years wants to do is go to work in some entry level office job with people half her age telling her what to do, patronizing her as if she’s hopelessly and forever behind the times. No, thank you! I like being my own boss. I like working in my own home. I like learning and I like doing it at my own pace. My time is valuable and certainly worth more than a few dollars an hour.

As I mulled all this over I began to experience a shift in my paradigms. No, that’s not one of those pesky things that’s been happening to my body as I get older. It’s a change in my mindset, a new way of thinking that has me looking at new possibilities. I was beginning to understand that what was holding me back was my own comfort zone, that cozy box I live in where I have everything figured out and life is predictable. I was opening a window and looking out of my box. What I saw were all the things I ever wanted in life. They weren’t there inside the box within easy reach, but outside my comfort zone just waiting for me to step out and go for it.

What you’ll see unfolding in this blog is my journey of empowerment, my discovery that I want to be an entrepreneur “when I grow up,” and my encouragement for you to step out of your comfort zone and go for all the things you want in life. I’ll share with you the wisdom and knowledge I’ve gleaned from my network of successful entrepreneurs and self-made millionaires, and you’ll see the only thing special about them is that they weren’t afraid to get out there and make something happen. I’ve challenged myself to follow my dreams by following those who are already where I want to be. Won’t you join us?

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